12 things you missed at Social Slam 2012

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Social Slam 2012 in Knoxville, TN.  The all-star speaking lineup was inspiring, and Knoxville was very hospitable.  The one-day event was put on by Social Media Club Knoxville, with a fantastic group of volunteers.  Thanks, everyone!


In case you weren't able to attend, here is a handy dandy list of nuggets I took away from the event:

  1. You should write blog posts with "versus" in the headline (Gini Dietrich via Marcus Sheridan)
  2. Put shiny faces on your blog (yes, I'm working on that one right now) (Stanford Smith)
  3. Adopt a specific tone for your videos and stick with it (Stephanie Wonderlin)
  4. You can use LinkedIn search updates tool to join conversations, even if you aren't connected to the people talking (Jon F. Moss - not the Jon Moss who was in Culture Club)
  5. Community management is a lifestyle, not a job (a gem from Marisa Peacock)
  6. When it comes to big data, you need to focus on getting to the right question (Tom Webster - special props to Tom, who somehow made statistical analysis seem sexy. If you have the chance to see him speak, do it.)
  7. You need to at least have a profile on Google+. Search is social now, and your ability to be found will suffer if you aren't making social connections. (Sam Fiorella, Eric Pratum, and Sean McGinnis)
  8. The only screen that matters is the one that's in front of you (Mitch Joel)
  9. Email is not dead. Leverage it with your social strategy for maximum impact. (DJ Waldow)
  10. Find your "tipping point" for content...how many pages do your prospects need to read before they're ready to buy? (Marcus Sheridan)
  11. Your social influence is being measured, whether you like it or not. (Mark Schaefer)
  12. The relationships between brands and customers has been flipped; the customer is now in charge.  This is a good thing for consumers. (Mark Schaefer)


Special bonus nuggets...


Sean McGinnis pointed out this awesome video about Web 3.0 by Kate Ray.  I hadn't seen it yet, but it's a great, non-intimidating explanation of the "semantic web."


Web 3.0 from Kate Ray on Vimeo.


The final takeaways are that Mark Schaefer and all the rest of the people listed above are just as warm and wonderful as they appear in their blogs.  I met almost everyone, and to a person they were gracious and friendly.


If you're not already following their blogs, you need to click the links above and start following; these are the A-list!


Here's the extra-bonus photo wrapup...




This is (l-r) Jon F. Moss,Brian Delaney, Gini Dietrich, Sean McGinnis, (someone I have to apologize to, I didn't get your card), Deb Dobson, and Marcus Sheridan. 




Chad Parizman from Scripps Networks Interactive introduces the first panel. He was a great emcee!




Eric Pratum and Sean McGinnis from the "Future of Search" breakout session (Sam Fiorella was schmoozing with the front row and they were taking a picture).




Mitch Joel drops some knowledge about "screens." Do your children even know what a mouse or keyboard is? 




Downtown Knoxville, an awakening lady.




No, they didn't throw a parade for us.  This was part of the Dogwood Arts Festival.

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