5 Spiffy Mobile Apps for the Army of One

When you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, you need every little edge you can get.


For me, that includes finding apps that will help me leverage my time, save money, or appear to be a team of 10 people.


These are the 5 apps that have earned space in my iPhone recently.


Genius Scan

Free, with paid upgrade available. This is billed as a "scanner in your pocket," which is exactly what it is. Super handy when you need to sign and return a physical doc like an NDA. The interface is very simple; you can add multiple pages into a single PDF, and with one click you can email the scanned image to anyone.





This one's not free ($68/year as of this writing). I mentioned this application in my Fitness Tools that Work post (I'm still using all of those tools, and am down 9 pounds). The fact that I'm still using it, both on desktop and on my iPhone, speaks volumes. I've tried and deleted just about every goal management tool out there, and this is the one that suits my brain the best.


My favorite feature is the tying of daily habits to specific goals. If you're someone who writes things on your to do list after you've already done them, just so you can check them off, you need to take a look at this app.





I have to admit that my husband found this one (he's great at finding these app nuggets). It's useful for creating beautiful graphics on a tight budget. Use it to instantly draw masks on photos and reverse out the colors, and other effects that make it appear that you have a gigantic graphic design department. Just don't go too crazy with the filters...that's a dead giveaway.




What? Dino on your phone? Yes, Dino Dogan, co-founder of Triberr, raconteur and champion of bloggers everywhere, has his own app. It's free, and brings his blog posts and other content into one nice package. But the really cool thing is that he's started an audio book club within the app. Once you've downloaded it, you get free access to a monthly audiobook selection. That's the kind of creative idea we all expect from Dino.





Free version, plus paid upgrades. I was first introduced to Vsnap by their awesome VP of Community, Trish Fontanilla (find her @trishofthetrade). Talk about surprise and delight---Vsnap lets you record a quick video (either on the mobile app or desktop) and send it to a contact. The cool part is that you're not sending a gigantic video file, since it's stored by Vsnap (the recipient just clicks a link...no registration required). Wouldn't it be cool to send a hello video to your next new customer?





Now it's your turn...what apps have your attention (and smartphone space) right now?


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No manual input needed. You just turn the app on, place it on your bed (under the bottom sheet if necessary, to keep it from moving) and go to bed. It has this really cool "gentle wake-up" function that I like, too--it wakes you up when you are at the top of your sleep cycle (lightest sleep), and not when you are i the deepest part.

I had NO idea GeniusScan could do all that!! When I downloaded it, it was for reading QR codes!! I'll be using it a lot more, now!


I just got back from an international trip, and my new favorite app for keeping in touch with family is called TouchNote. You can use your own photos to send postcards to people, for a very reasonable price ($1.79 covers the postcard AND the postage, which, considering it's a custom postcard, is pretty great!) The parents were THRILLED with their postcards!


Also, have you heard of Sleep Cycle?? If you want details about your quality of sleep, you can't beat Sleep Cycle for information!